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Michelle Lu

Michelle Lu is a passionate piano and cello instructor known for her dedication to nurturing students' musical talents and instilling a genuine love for music. Since 2017, Lu has been inspiring students on their musical journey, helping them develop a strong foundation in music theory and practical skills.

With a Master of Music degree in Collaborative Piano from the Manhattan School of Music under the mentorship of Dr. Heasook Rhee, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Classical Piano from the University of Taipei guided by Cheng-Yao Lee, Lu brings a wealth of expertise to her teaching.

Lu has actively engaged in various master classes as a collaborative pianist, collaborating with renowned musicians such as violinists Richard Lin and Zheng-Tu Su, vocalists I-Chiao Shih and Pao-Min Chiu, flutist Brandon George and Joanna G’froerer, and saxophonist Nicolas Prost. Her commitment to continuous learning is evident in her participation in piano performance master classes led by Zygmunt Krauze, Jèrôme Granjon, Aquiles Delle Vigne, Lilia Boyadjieva, and Allie Su.

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