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Bessy Chen

      Co-Founder of Bravo Conservatory of Music, Hsiao-chi Bessy Chen was born and raised in Hsinchu, Taiwan, where she began her music education at age of four with piano lessons designed by Yamaha Music System. Throughout Ms. Bessy’s teenage years, she continued to take lessons from private instructors. After she was certified by Yamaha performance level 6 in Taiwan, Ms. Bessy got her bachelor of art degree at San Jose State University in 2010, she enjoys music as a vital part of her life and began her teaching career aside from her studies.  She started her teaching career in the U.S. focusing on young piano beginners. 


     As a teaching artist, Ms. Hsiao-chi Bessy Chen teaches group and private piano lessons at Bravo Conservatory of Music from age 3 and up.  Ms. Bessy designed and established teaching curriculums for music group classes including sign reading, keyboarding, ear training, and basic music theory along with Ms. Nancy Ko, the founder of Bravo Music.  Her goal is to cultivate musical ability, creativity and a love of music for each student.  Her group lessons are full of fun and joy, students learn to hear, play, read, understand and appreciate every aspect of music.  Moreover, inspiring private lessons is an important part of her curriculum, as students advance, they study performance, improvisation, and composition base on the group foundation.


     Ms. Bessy has been teaching private and group piano lessons for over ten years to young children, she is the member of The National Guild of Piano Teachers (NGPT) that provides young pianists piano examination with different level and is also a chairman on one of Piano Guild's Bay Area boards.  Many of her students recently took the national guild exam and earned certification at the level of Pledge, Local, District, State, and National. Moreover, Ms. Bessy prepared and hosted different recitals and concert for her students 2-3 times annually.


*Note: Ms. Bessy is a Distinguished Faculty member and offers lessons under our Distinguished Faculty tuition rate. Please contact us for more information.

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