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Sunny Chia

Sunny Chia received a master's degree in music education from Auburn University in Alabama in 2023. This degree has professional and in-depth academic research on music teaching techniques and instrument playing techniques. Sunny also has a master's degree in vocal singing and a Bachelor's degree in Piano in the past ten years.


Sunny Chia has in-depth performance experience in chorus teaching and musical theater performance. Sunny’s most important performance experience was in 2017 Cooperated with the Master Composer- Randy Kerber of the Oscar movie “La La Land” soundtrack in a film concert at the Taipei National Concert Hall. and 2017 Cooperated with the singing of the Disney movie “Frozen "soundtrack in the film concert at the Taipei National Concert Hall.


"Creation, performance, and response" are the artistic processes of music learning. Sunny's expectation for music education is to help students feel interesting and creative responses to music teaching and to develop appropriate music courses for each student. Provide students with meaningful musical experiences while enhancing each student's sense of learning success and accomplishment.


Sunny has comprehensive art attainments in classical piano teaching, classical vocal music teaching, chorus teaching and Kodály Method.

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