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Michelle chen

Taiwanese American pianist Michelle Chen started learning piano at the age of 4 and cello at the age of 9. She had her solo piano debut at 14 years old playing with the California Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, and has also performed in prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall. She received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of California Los Angeles with an emphasis in Piano Performance under the instruction of Dr. David Kaplan. During her time at UCLA, Ms. Michelle participated in many chamber ensembles, masterclasses and competitions to gain a professional understanding of piano playing and instruction.


Ms. Michelle has had over 5 years of teaching experience specializing in beginner to intermediate pianists, and has been teaching under her private studio since 2022. With this experience, Michelle has honed effective and adaptable teaching methods for the specific needs of each student. While she has experience preparing students for music examinations such as the Certificate of Merit exam and AP music theory exam, she believes in prioritizing a genuine interest in music in order to make the process enjoyable for her students.


Ms. Michelle has a sincere passion for teaching students, and hopes to be a positive role model that her students can turn to for questions and advice. She looks forward to helping students achieve their goals not just musically, but in life as well as she continues to evolve along with them.

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