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Chelsey Chang

Chia-hsin (Chelsey) Chang started playing piano at the age of 5. She earned her Bachelor of Music from the National Taiwan University of Art, followed by earning her Master's degree of Musicology from the National Taiwan University. In addition to her academic achievements, Chelsey served as an assistant conductor and piano accompanist for the Langeracq Cantus Chamber Choir for several years.

Ms. Chelsey has dedicated the past 13 years to piano education, mainly focusing on young beginner piano students. In addition, she has experience educating college students in Western and Eastern music history, music theory, and musicology.


As a dedicated educator, Ms. Chelsey seamlessly integrates her expertise in musicology into her classical music teaching approach. She firmly believes that music education encompasses more than just playing notes; it also involves active listening and a deep understanding of the musical context.

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