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Joyce Yang

     Born in Seoul, Korea, Ms. Joyce started playing violin at age 8. Ms. Joyce then joined the Seoul Youth orchestra at age 12 with whom she has performed internationally in places such as Seoul, Tokyo, and Taipei. Ms. Joyce graduated Kyung Hee University in Seoul, Korea as a violin performance major. She formed a string quartet while in college and enjoyed performing with them. After graduation, she attended Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Ohio in their Artist Diploma program with Mr. Taras Gabora. Ms. Joyce has given private lessons both in Korea and in the States for students who are between ages 8 to 17.


     Ms. Joyce also pursued her dream as a musician while attending many music festivals. In Korea, she attended Yong Pyung Summer Music Festival. Additionally, Ms. Joyce participated as a soloist and a chamber musician at Salzburg Music Festival in Austria and Victoria Island in Canada.

In Korea, before she came to the States, Ms. Joyce worked as a professional musician, as the principle of the second violin in New Seoul Symphony Orchestra.


     Ms. Joyce’s teaching philosophy is: “Every student is unique, gifted, and has potential with any kind of musical instrument. As a teacher, my job is to encourage students to find and build their musical dreams as great as they wish. I want students to enjoy music, to learn how to present themselves through their musical instrument, and to become their own best teacher.”

*Note: Ms. Joyce is a Distinguished Faculty member and offers lessons under our Distinguished Faculty tuition rate. Please contact us for more information.

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