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Joining Bravo in January 2024, Vicky Li is a Taiwanese composer who graduated from the music institute of National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) in 2020, and received her second master's degree in "Film Composition" at Seattle Film Institute. 

Li began her career while studying at NCTU in 2017 as a composer for drama and musicals. Her first major career breakthrough came in 2018 as a music composer of “Toward Heavens - A Dance Piece about Birds and Humans”, which was one of the opening performances at the "2018 Guandu International Nature Art Festival", in Taipei, Taiwan.

As a composer, Li has won many prizes; both as a soloist and a collaborator in various competitions across Taiwan. Li loves to collaborate with a variety of groups and enjoys bringing her music to every medium of media. Some examples of her work involved films, stage dramas, musicals, and dance performances. Li excels at composing orchestrations, musical songs, electronic music, and 20th-century modern music. 

As a piano teacher, Li enjoys bringing knowledge and joy to her students. She started to play piano when she was 5 and holds two years of experience for teaching children. Li is experienced with the UK ABRSM exam system, which many of her students got flying marks. 


Besides teaching piano, Li also provides tutorials on music theory, music composition, and technological music (Interactive music installation and electronic music editing).

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