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rebecca wu

Ms. Rebecca Wu began her study of music at the early age of two. She obtained her Bachelor's degree from the National Taipei University of Education in Taiwan as well as her Master's degree from Peabody Institute of John Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland. 

During her studies, Ms. Wu performed at the National Concert Hall in Taiwan on numerous occasions. She has held a number of solo and chamber music concerts. 

Ms. Rebecca Wu has an extensive experience in teaching piano, violin, and classical guitar. In 2016, Wu began teaching private lessons to prepare them for international music competitions as well as a variety of music certification exams. She has led her students to winning awards and has received multiple outstanding teacher awards. Ms. Wu is experienced in teaching young student as well as being proficient in the Orff teaching method, enabling young beginners to learn musicality and rhythm. 

Currently, Ms. Wu is dedicated to the field of music education, hoping to pass on her musical abilities and knowledge to the next generation. She is skilled at utilizing various methods of teaching to make learning enjoyable for her students while also helping them achieve their goals.

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