Nancy Lai

     Started as a pianist, Nancy Lai began her journey as a musician in Taiwan at the age of eight. Because of her fascination with ensembles and symphonic band, she decided to take up trombone as a second instrument in high school, and would eventually choose trombone as her major instrument in college. Other than being a member of multiple local ensembles and symphonic in Taiwan, she was also hired as an instrument instructor to teach at an elementary school from 2013 up until she left the country in 2015. In 2014, Lai graduated in Taiwan with a Bachelor of Music. Equipped with her education and experiences, she immigrated to the US in 2015 with the goal of furthering her education in both English and music.


     Ms. Nancy has since been an active musician, participating in different ensembles and symphonic bands, as well as doing occasional teaching jobs. From 2016 to 2017, she was honored to be a community member Stanford Symphony Orchestra. She earned her AA degree in Music and her second AA degree in Liberal Arts at De Anza College in 2018 and is working towards a certificate for Child Development.


    Ms. Nancy believes the importance of family support in music education, and therefore an advocate in promoting teacher-parent communication and cooperation. She also encourages self-established discipline in students at home to maximize lesson outcome. To cultivate students’ interests in music, her lessons are individually customized to fit the student, which combines technical instrumental skills and other musical skills such as sight-singing, aural training, and rhythmic training. In Bravo Conservatory of Music, she teaches beginner piano, classical trombone, as well as beginner up to college level music theory in both Mandarin and English.