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Jessica David

     Ms. Jessica started her music career as a singer when she was young. She began playing the violin when she was fourteen and became a scholar of the Salvador and Pilar Sala Foundation in Cebu, Philippines. Eventually, she joined the Cebu Philharmonic Orchestra in 1994. She graduated Bachelor of Arts major in Mass Communication but few months later decided to pursue her career as a musician. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Violin Performance at the University of the Philippines. She was a member of the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra and played as a guest violin player in different orchestras in the Philippines such as the Metro Manila Community Orchestra, Filharmonika Orchestra, and the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra. She has performed in concerts with popular artists in the Philippines and a series of concert tours within and outside the country like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.


     Ms. Jessica started teaching the violin in 2001 using the Suzuki Method and attended some of the Suzuki violin workshops and teacher training in 2003. Ms. Jessica’s teaching style emphasizes proper posture, good intonation, good tone quality, and the fundamental techniques in violin playing. She also incorporates fingering and bowing exercises to achieve difficult passages. She makes sure her student learns the right way of playing the violin and is very attentive to every detail because she believes that establishing a deep-rooted foundation plays an outstanding role in a successful musical performance.


     Before she came to the United States, Ms. Jessica worked in Singapore as full-time violin teacher for almost 3 years. She teaches individual and group class and has experience preparing her students for ABRSM and Trinity exams. Her experiences in Singapore helped her to further develop her teaching techniques and in dealing with different kinds of students. Seeing her students’ progress and seeing them perform on stage makes her happy and proud. Ms. Jessica always encourages her students to have the patience, discipline, and determination to practice hard to become very good violinists.