Angela Lee

Angela Lee started her piano private lessons and her music education designed by Yamaha Music System at the age of six, and she was certified by Yamaha Performance Level 6 in Taiwan at the age of sixteen. After moving to California in year 2013, Ms. Angela continued her further education in piano learning. She was very honored to have played in a master class with Joseph Ordaz, faculty at Mission College and Music Director of Mission College Symphony, in Santa Clara. A teacher never stops learning. Ms. Angela has also been taking piano lessons with Gwendolyn Mok, an active piano performer and piano faculty at San Jose State University to continue to improve and to receive more musical and education ideas.


Ms. Angela has been teaching since year 2012. She has great enthusiasm in motivating children’s music potential and inspiring their musical sense. Ms. Angela is a very responsible and loving teacher, she believes learning music is crucial and beneficial to children during their young early stage. Moreover, children through music education obtain many benefits such as discipline and creativities. Besides teaching the piano, Ms. Angela also teaches choral singing and music theory.


As a music educator, Ms. Angela’s goal is to reach out to students and to support extended engagement through teaching music. Ms. Angela says, “Music is unity, students will learn to include one and another through music learning and playing.”